How to take PERTZYE® (pancrelipase)

Infants up to 12 months old

1 dosing strength option: 4,000 USP lipase units per 120 mL of formula or per breast feeding

Instructions for dosing

It’s important to give your baby PERTZYE right before each feeding of formula or breast milk!

1. Open the capsule and mix the contents with a soft, acidic food (for example, applesauce)

  • Contents of the capsule may also be given directly to your baby’s mouth

2. Always give your baby breast milk or formula right after you give them their medicine

3. Look inside your baby’s mouth to see if all of the contents of the capsule have been swallowed

  • Make sure the contents of the capsule are not crushed, chewed, or retained in the mouth

Children (older than 12 months) and adults

2 dosing strength options: 8,000 and 16,000 USP lipase unit capsules. Dosing is based on your age and weight.